Social Security Disability:

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  • Broke Last year the Social Security Administration sent $127.7 billion to those determined disabled but took in only $104 billion in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Deficits began draining the trust fund in 2005 and are expected to be exhausted by 2017

  • Account Overdrawn Just as when individuals spend beyond their means to repay, so too, do states and nations. "Washing-ton's public debt is nearly $8.5 trillion, which comes to about 58% of the U.S. economy, compared with ratios exceeding 100% in places like Greece.

  • The End of Healthcare Make no mistake about it: socialized medicine is medical treatment at the pointof a gun. Under a single payer government plan, medical decisions will be taken out of doctors' hands and relinquished to the arbitrary whims of government.

  • Vet Falsely Accused An atmosphere of suspicion and distrust was created even before Bill arrived at the meeting with Social Security's consulting psychiatrist, Dr. F. Bill called him from the road to tell him he was on Key Bridge and would be a few minutes late.

  • Our Deceptive SSA An audit of the Social Security Administration by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) two years ago uncovered some very disturbing and damning facts. Among them are: Hundreds of pieces of unopened mail;

  • The Good, Bad, & Ugly Over many years I have seen a lot of representatives askquestions about the numbers of jobs vocational experts (VEs) testify to under a set of limitations the ALJ accepts. However, the latest dialogue among representatives has confirmed for me

  • Do The Math For the purpose of constructing a model which excludes the factan image that the number of workers (who pay the bill) is less than the number of retirees (who collect via SSA from the workers), consider the following: Start with an eighteen-year old

  • Backlog Crisis The latest processing times for Social Security disability cases have hit new all-time highs. The average lengths of time up to May of 2008 for Social Security disability claimants to get a hearing after a hearing is requested, has been received from the Social Security Administration through

  • Safety Net Knot David Michaelis of Chewala, WA, felt the symptoms of a rare neuromuscular disease in October of '02.The condition causes involuntary movements of the head and neck, which destroys the ability to coordinate eye-hand movements.


  • Disable Social Security Chile's Social Security system is based on individualfreedoms - economic, social and political - and is a much more prosperous and lively society.

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How To Apply

There are three ways to apply: go into your local field office; call 1-800-772-1213 and ask for an appointment to apply; go online to

By far, the most comfortable way to apply is on the Internet because you can save your application and come back to it when it's a better time and you are more rested. In every case you'll need to mail or take in your birth certificate and government-issued photo ID to your local office. Send these by certified, return-receipt mail, and make a copy of them before you mail them.

Social Security runs two disability programs: SSDI (Social Security Insured Disability, or just "insured disability"), and SSI (Supplemental Security Income).

SSI is a needs-based program -welfare-so you'll need to meet not just the medical requirements for disability, but also the financial. It is possible for an individual to meet the requirements of both programs at the same or different times. With SSI comes Medicaid, where one's medical expenses are paid in full.

If you have a steady work history you more than likely will fall under the insured program. SSA divides the year into "quarters" and require a specific number of "quarter credits" in order to be fully insured. This terminology is somewhat confusing because credits are not equal to portions of the calendar year; instead, they equal a moving dollar amount-usually increasing every year. So, because most workers increase their incomes with raises or jumps between companies, and at a rate faster than the credits increase, they usually earn more credits than the total number of quarters they have worked. That means that one can stop working for 2 to 3 years and still be insured. But, it also means that if one delays applying, they move farther and farther away from being insured. And harder and harder to prove disability because doctors retire, move, and die. Without the records from a treating physician, you are at the mercy of SSA's doctors-which means you will probably lose your bid for disability.

SSDI comes with Medicare-24 months after one is found to be disabled. But it is also retroactive to the time you start receiving benefits, so if it takes 29 months to get benefits, then you'll start getting medical help with the percentages prescribed by Medicare's rules.

With both applications you'll need to answer what, where, when, and who questions about your medical problems, treatment, and work history. The most important question you'll need to answer is "What is it that keeps you from working?" To answer that question you should look to the symptoms listed under the disorder you have in the Residual Functional Capacity assessment forms in this book.